Marine Is Asked To Dance At Traditional Iowa Tribe Of Oklahoma Powwow

by Paul Morris
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When United States Marine Lance Corporal Marland Trey Kent was asked to participate in the Iowa tribe’s annual powwow, the audience had no idea that what they were about to witness was going to be one of the most amazing collisions of two worlds.

A Marine in his blues was standing at attention, next to a Native American dressed in his full celebration regalia; and as the drums began to beat it became obvious that the two were dancing together as warrior brothers.

It turns out that Kent was being honored and respected by the tribe, and they wanted him to carry out the American flag during the grand entry. When he was asked to perform the traditional war dance in a symbolic gesture to honor a fellow dancer and veteran, he did what any Marine would do. Try his very best. And when you have a Marine trying his best? You’ve got yourself a successful mission!

Please watch this amazing video, and you’re going to really want to watch closely at both warrior’s faces throughout the whole intense performance. Can you imagine being lucky enough to have seen this in person? These Native Americans truly welcomed in their warrior brother just as much as the brave Marine welcomed them into his heart. God bless the Marines, and God bless the Native Americans of our country!

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